Window Graphics

By adding window graphics to your office, you can advertise additional information that might be missed from your fascia, or advertise an office soon opening.

Do you have an office with a window that faces the public? If so, then you can take advantage of this feature by using it to advertise your business in a fun and creative way. Window graphics are the most effective form of advertisement for offices in public locations.

Office window graphics can provide people with visual and/or textual information pertaining to your business and whatever it sells. As people walk or drive by your office, the graphics on the window will instantly seize their attention and make them want to know more information about your business. Try to use your brand name and logo on the window because it will be easier for people to remember your company that way.

Everyone has their own goals when using office window graphics. Some business owners simply want to get people to come inside their office while others turn their windows into giant billboards. It depends on how extravagant you want your office window graphics to appear.

Office Window graphics are similar to car wraps because they both involve covering a surface with digitally printed vinyl film. The only difference is that you cover the window glass with office window wraps and everything but the glass with the car wraps. Because office window graphics have to look professional and presentable on a glass window, there are extra steps taken to ensure the printed film imagery appears vibrant in the sunlight.

Three Types of Office Window Graphics

There are essentially three types of office window graphics you can choose from. Each type serves a different purpose, so review their qualities carefully.

Frosted Vinyl Graphics – Frosted vinyl is a high-quality material for window graphics that you want to have on the inside or outside of your office window. It is easy to resize the frosted vinyl by cutting it to accommodate your logo or brand name. The natural light from the sun will illuminate the graphics tremendously.

Full Window Wrap – Full window wraps cover your entire office window. If the entire wrap is covered in graphics, then you can add privacy to your office because people won’t be able to see the inside from the outside. Meanwhile, you can post an advertisement that stands out to everyone who passes the window.

Bespoke Window Logos – It is best to apply logo graphics onto the inside of your office window. Our bespoke window logos make this easy to do yourself. They are colourful, easy to install, and easy to remove.