Posts and Fittings

As a one stop shop for all of your signage needs, we can provide the posts and fittings as well as your printed boards.

Posts & Fittings

As a one stop shop for all of your signage needs, we can provide the posts and fittings as well as your printed boards. 


At Kremer Signs, we’ll go the extra mile to make your posts look professional and attractive. Before we even create your posts, our team of graphic designers will focus on the imagery of your signage. We’ll discuss with you the text and imagery that you’d like on the sign. Do you want a simple sign with a few colours and text only? Would you rather have photos or other high-resolution imagery on it instead? Whatever visuals you need, we can apply them to the residential boards of your signs.

Of course, if you already have residential boards but require posts for them, we can supply you the posts separately. All the posts we provide will come pre-drilled or slotted to suit your residential boards, or fitted with brackets if the style you are after is a gallows post. The latter is the type of post where the sign hangs down from it, rather than have the sign drilled into the post.

A professional installation is not required. All our posts come sawed into a point at the bottom for easy installation. You can just stick the posts into the ground and secure them in the soil. For people who are not good at working with wood materials, this will be a big convenience for them. If you have a metpost, then we can supply you with a non-pointed post to accommodate it. Just let us know whether you want a pointed post before you place the order. 

All posts come at an industry-standard size of 8 feet, but they can be cut down to accommodate smaller height requirements if needed. Likewise, we can also supply you with larger posts if you require them to be up to 10 feet in height. Our posts, as a standard, come with a white matt finish, but they can be painted to match your branding if required.

Everyone has their own specifications and needs for their signs, so we will do our best to accommodate them. You’ll have the chance to choose your specifications during the checkout process. Customer satisfaction is always our number one priority.


All of our nylon fittings are washer-faced to ensure your boards stay on the posts and that slips cannot easily become detached. Our standard colour is white, although at an additional cost we can have then colours to match your branding on your boards to give then an invisible effect if required.

Metal Post & Angle Irons

As the largest stockist of Metposts & Angle Irons in the UK, we are the number one supplier for real estate agents throughout the entire country. We can supply you with popular high-quality post supports at highly competitive prices.

Does your location have a lot of high winds? If so, you can use these posts in gardens or rural locations to ensure your posts are supported against the higher winds they will experience regularly. We create highly durable signs that are specifically made to withstand tough weather conditions like this. You will be satisfied with the results.