Non-illuminated fascias are the most cost effective as they do not require illumination, but there are still a number of ways to make them stand out down the high street.

The sign trays are generally made out of Dibond which is an aluminium composite material. The lettering / logos can be applied via a vinyl, stand-off letters or a built up letters. Please see our Letter Styles page for more information. The tray is cut to shape and then powder coated to a RAL colour that closely matches your branding.

Non-Illuminated fascia options are perfect for listed buildings or area that have council planning restrictions on illumination. If this is the case, we can work with you to provide visuals and specs to present to the council, to help you achieve approval on your new fascia.

Having a non-illuminated fascia sign doesn’t necessarily mean it will never have that capability, as a Parabeam light can easily be added, and likewise with built-up letters, we can come and install LEDs to create a halo illumination around the lettering. If you have opted for a non-illuminated Flex Face sign, we can also come and remove the skin, and install an LED light sheet to bring your fascia to life at night. This is perfect for new start agents with stricter budgets, as it makes the fascia more affordable initially.

  • Cost Effective
  • Perfect For Listed Buildings
  • Stand Off Letters
  • Scope for Future Illumination
  • Built-Up Letters