Letter Styles

We have a wide variety of letter styles available to make sure that you fascia sign is getting the exposure it needs, or is corresponding with local planning laws.

Built-Up LED Letters

For maximum exposure and illumination, Built-Up LED Letters are perfect. The built up letters are fitted with LEDs inside, pointing backwards towards the wall/tray which gives an even glow around the letters/logos. This glow can be supplied in almost any colour, which is perfect for brand consistency and to reinforce your identity.

This effect can also be achieved on the face of the letter as well as the back for maximum illumination, via a push through acrylic which is either in clear or opal if you wish to give off a different colour to the face of the letter, to the ‘Halo’ glow around the letter.

If you do not wish for the front of the letter to illuminate, the face of the letter is covered in either an opaque vinyl, acrylic or flat cut metal that prevents any face illumination through the letter or logo.

Fret Cut LED Letters

The lettering or the logo is fret cut from the dibond tray, and is then powder coated to match any RAL colour reference to match your branding. It is then backed up in acrylic which can be supplied clear or opal if you wish for the illumination coming through to be of a different colour than the standard LED white.

Fret Cut LED Push Through Letters

Similar to the standard Fret Cut LED Letters, this can also be supplied as a push through letter which is where the acrylic is pushed through 10mm from the sign tray, through the fret cut areas to give a slightly 3D effect, as well as a great LED illumination. This can also be supplied clear or opal for a different colour.

Stand-Off Letters

Stand-off letter are perfect to add depth to your fascia, by allowing the letters to stand proud 50mm from the tray via studs and cups, which when paired up with an LED Parabeam, can look very impressive. Also, perfect for non-illuminated fascias, to help your sign to still stand out from the crowd, even when you are not including illumination.

Vinyl Letters

Normally used on non-illuminated fascia options where there maybe restrictions due to budget, council or having a listed building, vinyl text can be applied direct to the fascia which is perfect for very intricate logos.

It is also useful to add details to an illuminated sign as well. The main name / logo maybe supplied as Fret Cut or LED Build Up, but you might need just the telephone number or web address added as a vinyl. So proves to be very useful for those finishing touches.

  • Wide Variety
  • Options For Listed Buildings
  • Around the Clock Exposure
  • Custom Fonts
  • No Size Restrictions