LED Flex Face

Flex face signs are the best way of creating very large format signage. The tensioned skin faces can be produced up to 5.0m in width by almost any length with high resolution digitally printed images to create truly huge effects.

The units can be supplied non-illuminated or fitted with an LED light sheet to give illumination to the whole of the face for maximum illumination for many years of energy efficient and maintenance free operation.

With the Flex Face option, it is not only impressive from an illumination point of view, but for large offices or corner offices, it provides a seamless finish, where as a dibond sign tray would be made up of a series of sheets which will leave a very slight joint.

  • Long Lasting LEDs
  • Changeable Skins
  • Maximum Illumination
  • Around the Clock Brand Awareness
  • Seamless Edges to Corner Offices