Internal Wall Logos

Internal Wall Logos are a great way of reinforcing your branding internally and with the option of illumination available, can really help bring your office to life.

Internal wall logos are becoming ever more popular, proving to be a great way of strengthening your branding, and also increasing your offices presence on the high street with illuminated options available.

Non Illuminated Wall Logos

We can create your company logo or any text required out of Acrylic, which can then be applied either direct to the wall, or via studs and cups which will allow the lettering/logo to stand proud from the wall. This will raise brand awareness and enhance the look of your office.

Illuminated Wall Logos

Wall Logos are prefect in helping to increase your brandings presence within the office, but with our illuminated options, we can help to make your office unmissable down the high street. We can create a built up logo or text in stainless steel which can be capped in any Ral colour, and then produce an LED Halo illumination which will reflect back onto the wall.

Another option available, is for us to install an aluminium tray direct to the wall, which again can be powder coated to any RAL colour, which will have your office name or logo fret cut from the face and backed in opal, which can be coloured, which will give a great LED illumination due to the LED light sheet installed behind the tray.

Life Style Images

Life style images are extremely effective in adding character to your office. By possibly choosing images from your local town, potential clients can relate and it reinforces the fact that you know the area, and that you are the to-go-to agent in your area.

The life style images are normally supplied as a 3mm dibond sheet which is then erected to the wall, which can be illuminated via spot lights, but if you want to bring the image to life, then a Flex Face may be an option to consider. Similar to the Flex Face fascia’s but on a smaller scale, the image will be produced onto a tensioned banner on an aluminium frame which is 100mm in depth from the wall. Behind the tensioned banner will be an LED light sheet, which will illuminate the whole image, giving off a very impressive visual effect. The banner/skin itself is also replaceable which makes the image very easy to change if you would like to display a different image in the future.