Hangman Boards

The Hangman Board is an American adopted style of residential board, and they are proving to be ever more popular. If you have a property portfolio of high end properties, or a prestigious property division, then a Hangman Board can give your brand that ‘up market’ look to suit.

The Hangman Board is created using 1 sheets of 6mm heavyweight Correx which is then printed double sided. All boards will be pre-drilled to suit slips and post brackets to ensure the boards are finished to the highest possible standards. Dependant on whether the design is a rectangular shape or squared, the sizes will be either 610 x 813mm or 705 x 705mm. If a Hangman Board is required to be shaped, we can use oversized material to maximise your advertising display area to its full potential within the half a squared meter legal limit requirement and compliant with the Town & Country planning act 1947.

The posts to suit the boards come as a standard at 8ft, and can be coloured to suit your branding if required. We offer two types of hanging bracket to be fitted to the arm of the posts to suit the boards, which are both high quality galvanised brackets. One style allows the boards to swing in the wind and the second is a fixed bracket which stop any board movement.

All of our boards go through a UV drying process which after print ensures the best possible bond between the inks and the correx, making them highly durable, even in the harshest elements.

  • 6mm Thick Correx
  • Prestigious Look
  • UV Drying
  • Pre-drilled
  • 700gsm Correx