Design Service

Our Design Studio is the foundation for every successful design. The final product, whether it be a ‘For Sale’ board or a fascia sign depends totally on the creative skills dedicated to designing it. Our studio is staffed by a team of professional Graphic Designers with high-tech skills and years of experience in producing eye catching and contemporary designs.

We operate using both PC’s and Apple Mac’s as well as using the latest graphic design software. We are able to receive clients images and artwork via email, USB drives and CD’s. We also have access to an extensive library covering thousands of type styles (fonts) and graphic images to give all of your design requirements its own distinctive look. From one colour through to four-colour process, we can create a design that is right for you and produce the artwork that will give your branding impact as well as a high quality finish. Our computerised Pantone colour matching system enables us to match almost any colour in the Pantone range.


• For us, the most important step is quite simply to listen to you. It is only by understanding your aspirations and considering any existing styles, logos and colour schemes, that we can begin applying ideas to an otherwise blank sheet.


• The creative stage. Our designers use your brief as the basis for a brainstorming session in order to come up with a range of ideas. Visuals are the supplied to you in a PDF format.


• Decision time! You may opt for just one of our designs or you may even decide to emply a ‘mix and match’ of the submitted designs. Only when you are happy with your designs, do we then move forward to produce your order.