Commercial Signage

Kremer Signs have a wide range of commercial board options available, which can be produced to a custom size and style to suit the commercial property that you are selling or letting.

For commercial boards we offer 3 different type of material, and the style chosen is normal based on the location as to where the sign will be installed, and also the length of time the sign will be up for.

As a standard for most commercial boards, we use a 6mm heavyweight correx as this is the most cost effective and provides good durability. We print the board single sided and can then be erected freestanding or to a wall, and can be combined with another sheet to make up a V shape board. The size limits range from 4ft x 3ft through to 8ft x 4ft.

For properties which require something more heavy duty we would offer a 10mm Foamex board, which will be produced in the same way as a correx board, but this style can reach a maximum sheet size of 10ft x 5ft. Foamex is an economic, versatile and lightweight material. It has a smooth matt silk finish and high impact resistance.

For commercial signs that will be used for permanent use, or will be up for a long time, we would recommend a 3mm dibond sheet which will also be perfect for larger signage requirements, as the maximum sheet size can reach up to 3m x 2m. Dibond consists of two thin sheets of Aluminium enclosing a Polyethylene core. Dibond is light in weight but strong and has an extremely flat surface which make it perfect for printing directly onto.

All of our commercial board options can come predrilled if required for installation purposes, or to attach a Sold or Let By slips in the future.