Bespoke Options

At Kremer Signs quite literally, the possibilities are endless. Having already seen our standard ranges, please let our bespoke gallery inspire you for display ideas which are outside of the box and can furthermore help to enhance your brands identity through a custom cable, freestanding or wall mounted display.


Walton & Hipkiss

The Puzzle range are multi LED light pocket displays that allow you to combine different paper sizes and orientations on the same set of cables to create unique, eye-catching window and interior displays.


Customised freestanding display. Powder coated white with company name etched into header panel.

Your Move

Bespoke non-illuminated wall mounted display. Custom colour to match the customers branding and finished with the company's name as vinyl graphics.


Free standing display with company name etched into the header. Panel CNC cut to match company logo to enhance branding.

Angelique Sawtell

Custom made Freestanding Display with the company's name etched into the header panel, and plinth powder coated to match the company's corporate colours

John Shepherd

Wall Mounted Display CNC cut to match customers logo, with pocket frames coloured to match branding.

Bespoke displays are customized displays that meet your original design specifications. If you’re trying to stand out from the competition, then you need to show displays to people that look different than every other display they see. That is what exactly what Kremer Signs can do for you.

 When you work with Kremer Signs to come up with a suitable bespoke display, you’ll get total freedom over the size, shape, colours, materials and graphics. You can do more with these displays than simply showcase your brand name and image. They allow you to create a display that is completely original and your creation. At Kremer Signs we take pride in making your vision a reality.

You can choose whether you want your bespoke displays mounted onto a wall, freestanding, or suspended by a customized cable formation. The choice  really is yours.