Letter Styles

We have a wide variety of letter styles available to make sure that you fascia sign is getting the exposure it needs, or is corresponding with local planning laws. Built-Up LED Letters For maximum exposure and illumination, Built-Up LED Letters are perfect. The built up letters are fitted with LEDs inside, pointing backwards towards the […]


Non-illuminated fascias are the most cost effective as they do not require illumination, but there are still a number of ways to make them stand out down the high street. The sign trays are generally made out of Dibond which is an aluminium composite material. The lettering / logos can be applied via a vinyl, […]

LED Flex Face

Flex face signs are the best way of creating very large format signage. The tensioned skin faces can be produced up to 5.0m in width by almost any length with high resolution digitally printed images to create truly huge effects. The units can be supplied non-illuminated or fitted with an LED light sheet to give […]

LED Parabeam

LED Parabeams are a very popular and cost effective way of bringing illumination to your office fascia sign. All of our Parabeams are fitted with LED lighting to produce a very impressive downwards illumination, and are very long lasting making then far superior to fluorescent lighting as they are proven to last up to 10x […]

LED Halo

‘Halo Illumination’ is a method of giving your built up letters a ‘Halo’ lighting effect, which is a very striking and modern way to illuminate brand on your office fascia sign. The built up letters are fitted with LEDs inside, pointing backwards towards the wall/tray which gives an even glow around the letters/logos. This glow […]

LED Fret Cut

Fret Cut panels are designed to allow illumination of either lettering, logos or both through the face of a folded aluminium / Dibond panel. The lettering or the logo is fret cut from the dibond tray, and is then powder coated to match any RAL colour reference to match your branding. It is then backed […]

Event Boards

Event Boards are the perfect way for an agent to increase brand awareness, and to also show to the community your charitable side as well. With our digital printing capabilities, we can manufacture and deliver event signage on a fast turnaround, to achieve event deadline dates. Event Boards can be produced in two different ways- […]

Mirror & Reflective Estate Agency Boards

Mirror Boards Mirror boards are something which is relatively new to the market, but are a great way of making your boards more eye catching, and is another style to consider to help your boards stand out and gain the edge over rival agents. The Mirror Board can be created as a T, Flag or Hangman […]

Shaped Property Boards

The shaped style board can prove to be a key tool in helping to increase your presence on the streets, and a way of standing out from the competition. The Shaped Board can be created as a T, Flag or Hangman board, which is perfect for agents which depend on using a specific style (i.e. […]

Hangman Boards

The Hangman Board is an American adopted style of residential board, and they are proving to be ever more popular. If you have a property portfolio of high end properties, or a prestigious property division, then a Hangman Board can give your brand that ‘up market’ look to suit. The Hangman Board is created using […]